Scouting in 2 refugee settlements of Uganda

Background of refugees, “In the hearts of the migrants: ” if you are safe, no condition is permanent”
Within a brief narration, the participants will be taken through migrants’ status quo around the world estimation, Africa continent to Europe based on UNHCR. Through deliberate focus discussion participants mention; the underlying factors of seeking refuge as well as possible threats they face when in settlements.
Scouts intervention case study. From Uganda in partnership with AHA in refugee settlements of kyaka 11 and Rwamwanja settlements in preventing and mitigating one of the threats “Sexual Gender Based Violence”[SGBV] which targeted 500 adolescent girls who directly and indirectly impacted lives of over 4000 people in schools and homesteads from 2015-2017 supported by photos and short video clips.
In activities of Patrol leaders training course, community scouting, camping, chain training at school level and go back to school, in vesture ceremony, society misconception demystification, risky leisure time management, income generating activities. The do no more harm approach in the scout method that worked in refugees both adults and children context psychology {participants will asked in groups to mention risks and dangers that keep migrants in fear and dramatise it}. This builds sensitivity in program design.

Working in camps and other official structures Working with refuges and migrants in local communities
Location: Date: 08/12/2018 Time: 09:30 - 12:30 Uganda Scouts Association