Frequently Asked Questions

Dear participants,

We are excited to welcome you to the Hand in Hand- Stronger Together Conference in few weeks. As a reminder, this event is run by the European Scout Region in cooperation with Time to Be Welcome partners and the African, Arab and Interamerican Scout Regions.

Below you will find answers to some practical questions you might have.

Where will we be accommodated? 

Accommodation of participants will be provided on the basis of shared dormitories (4/6 beds) at the Generation Europe Youth Hostel.

Should you wish to stay in a single or double room, you will stay at a different hotel. The additional cost for a single or double room is not included in the event participation fee. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us at

Will the forum sessions run in the hostel?

Activities will take place at the Cultural Centre De Markten, situated in the heart of Brussels. Walking distance from Generation Europe Youth Hostel to Cultural Centre De Markten is 15 min. There is a possibility to take bus no. 86 (direction Gare Centrale) from Triangle station (6 min walk) and get out 3 stations later on Dansaert station, which is 3 min by foot from De Markten. The overall trip takes 15 min (with bus leaving every 15 min), taking the same amount of time as walking.

Transportation can be arranged to participants who have issues with walking. Respecting hours of departure from and to the hostel, will be super crucial to ensure a punctual start of sessions.

How do I reach the hostel from the airport?

The hostel is easily accessible by public transport from the airport. Here are some helpful information to guide you:

Take the IC train from the Brussels Airport to Brussels Central. At the Central Station, change to Metro 1, Direction Gare de l’Ouest or to Metro 5, Direction Erasme; and exit on 3rd station, at Graaf Van Vlaanderenstr. From there, take exit 1 and head northwest on Rue Sainte-Marie/Sint-Mariastraat toward Rue du Comte de Flandre/Graaf van Vlaanderenstraat. Turn to Rue du Facteur/Briefdragerstraat and then take left turn onto Rue de l’Ecole/Schooltraat. Continue onto Rue de la Borne and then slight left onto Rue de l’Elephant/Olifantstraat. Destination will be on the left side.

Additionally, you can take a taxi or an uber to reach the destination. The prices vary between 35 and 60 € depending on the company/car, time of the day and availability.

If you encounter any issues, please contact: Leonard Ly Tri +33 6 60 17 43 74 and/or Veronica Arduino +324 83 58 62 51

What about meals?

All meals, starting from dinner on the 6th of December to lunch on the 10th of December, will be provided. All dietary needs collected from the application entries have been taken into consideration. In case, you have forgotten to provide us with an important information about a specific dietary condition, please reach out to as soon as possible.

What to bring?

  • own towels as they will not be provided at the hostel
  • warm clothes, as the December temperatures are usually low in Brussels
  • bring your traditional food and drinks, as well as traditional clothing for the international evening. Please make sure that the items you want to bring are in accordance with the Belgium/EU standards.
  • if you have any projects running with migrants that you would like to showcase, feel free to bring the posters, flyers or any other material, as there will be a showcase space for it.

What about dress code?

Throughout the conference, the dress code is Scout casual, meaning you can wear whatever you would like as long as you keep the Scout scarf on. However, please bring along your Scout uniform for the official parts of the program and the photo.

I am an Erasmus+ beneficiary, is there anything I should be aware of?

Yes! Apart from a reduced participation fee you are also eligible for a travel grant (the amount depends on the distance you will be traveling). However, in order to receive this support, we will also need to gather the supporting documents from your travel. Namely your original tickets and boarding passes. Please remember to keep all original tickets linked to your travel (including bus and train tickets) and bring them to the event in Brussels.

If you are using mobile check-in for your flight, please remember to save a print-screen of the boarding pass before your flight! With many airlines the mobile boarding pass is no longer available after your flight. Be aware, that we will not be able to issue any reimbursements unless we have these supporting documents. This is a requirement of the European Commission.

We hope this information will be helpful. If you have any further questions, please contact