The European Scout Region and its partners in the Time to be Welcome project are inviting interested members of National Scout Organisations (NSO) of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) to a four-day event in Brussels, Belgiumfrom 7-10 December 2018. Under the title “Hand in Hand. Stronger together”, the event will address questions and share best practices related to how associations can reach out and include refugees and migrants in Scouting.

This four-day event has been designed to provide participants with high-quality training and networking opportunities around the topic of Social Inclusion of migrants. It is organised by the European Scout Region, in cooperation with the African, Arab and Interamerican Scout Regions.


  • Providing NSOs with tools and reference documents to carry out Scouting activities:
    • In Refugee and Internally Displaced Person Camps;
    • In specific shelters for unaccompanied minors and in single-family structures, and similar other structures;
    • With refugee and migrant children and young people in local communities;
  • Strengthening diversity in Scouting and keeping it open for all young people.
  • Sharing experience and expertise in Volunteer Management support (i.e. psychological support, “listening ears”, coordination and cooperation with other agencies and institutions)

During the event, participants will be able to choose from a variety of sessions per day and thus compose their own training plan matching their position and particular needs. A broad range of sessions dealing with different areas of work will be offered simultaneously. There will be enough sessions on offer to make the event interesting for everyone.

Each of the Regions involved will work closely with their respective NSO facilitators and partners to have high quality three-hour sessions provided twice or three times during the event. The last day will be dedicated to keynote speakers (UN, European Union, others) and external experts. Time will be dedicated for participants to showcase their projects through a marketplace or in other ways.
A detailed description of each session, providing goals, objectives and expected outcomes, will be communicated in due course.

In addition to the sessions, the host team will organise various social activities. The participation fee excludes costs for the social activities if a charge is required. There will be a number of low-cost or free options.

Expected outcomes

  • A stronger understanding on how Scouting across the different Regions can contribute to social cohesion through supporting the integration process of refugees and migrants.
  • Building contacts for potential follow-up activities and partnership projects in the area of refugees’ integration through Scouting.
  • Exchanging best practices and lessons learnt on how Scouting from all present Regions are supporting the welcoming of refugees.


The event will be held in English.


If, from one month before the event, participants wish to cancel their participation, the European Scout Region will invoice any non-refundable cancellation fees that might apply.